SSA in brief

The Finnish Society of Financial Analysts was founded in 1989. The principal aim of the association is to foster the general knowledge an esteem of the financial analyst profession, the conditions of investment research within the securities markets and the improvement of the information for investors, and to promote the credibility and effiency of securities markets.

In order to meet its aim, the association:

  • Gives statements on matters regarding to investment research and securities markets
  • Creates contacts to international associations and organizations in the field
  • Arranges seminars and training events
  • Arranges discussion forums

The activities of the associations include e.g.

  • Lunch presentations
  • Joint investment seminar with the Finnish IR association
  • 'Best Investor pages in the Internet' competition together with Pörssisäätiö (Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion) and Talouselämä (a Finnish financial weekly magazine)
  • Lobbying in matters related to the development of the financial markets

The association is a member of EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies). The association arranges annually a CEFA training program and exam (CEFA = Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst) together with Svenska Handelshögskolan (Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration). About 30 persons participate in the CEFA training program each year.

The Finnish Society of Financial Analysts has about 326 members, who work as financial analysts, portfolio managers or in similar positions. The majority of members' research and analysis work in related to the equity markets. A person can be selected as a member of the association, if she/he

  • Has a CEFA certificate
  • Has a higher university degree (Master or similar) and a minimum of one year work experience in capital markets
  • Has a minimum of 5 years work experience in capital markets